What is Tales of the Trail: The Arrowhead Expedition?

      • Tales of the Trail - is the up and coming organization behind the Arrowhead expedition that is committed to turning expeditions into fundraisers for positive growth and development.
    • The Arrowhead Expedition - is Tales of the Trail’s pilot expedition, and is raising money to send children to camp for the first time at Camp Miller, a camp service of the Duluth YMCA. We hope that this expedition will lay the groundwork for many to come.
    • Mission - To educate people in history, culture, ecology, and geography, while sharing experience and growth with others in a natural setting.
    • Goal - To gain experience in our field, share the stories of those who join us, make an impact on those we meet by getting them to want to learn more about nature and to be further driven to reaching their full potential.
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Learn more about the Arrowhead Expedition taking place in the summer of 2014.


Come check out the interactive map of the 2014 Arrowhead Expedition.


Come check out the events that Ricky and John will be attending, and important dates for presentations they will be giving before, after, and during their expedition.


Come check out our videos ranging from entertaining to educational.


Check out our blog!

“It’s not what your education can do for you, it’s what you can do for your education.”

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