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Red = Backpacking Leg Presentation
Blue = Canoeing Leg Presentation
Green = Biking Leg Presentation

General Route Description

The expedition will start on Otter Lake Road, near Grand Portage, where John and Ricky will through-hike the Superior Hiking trail to Jay Cooke State Park.

Once they hit Jay Cooke, trading backpacks for canoes, they will paddle the interior of NE Minnesota to Itasca, International Falls, across the BWCA to Grand Portage.

After reaching Grand Portage Isle Royale will be through-hiked, and the last leg, the last two weeks of August, will be spent biking from Grand Portage to Jay Cooke, where there will be an event celebrating the end of the Arrowhead Expedition.

Brief Itinerary
Date​​​ Location Time

May 1st ​ Begin through hike of Superior Hiking Trail
May 24th Presentation at Jay Cooke State Park​​​​7:30 P.M.
May 26th Start Paddling up the St. Louis River​​​​ 7 A.M.
June 1st Savanna Portage State Park​​​​​ TBD
June 3rd Schoolcraft State Park Presentation​​​​ TBD
June 4th Forest History Center Presentation​​​​ TBD
June 5th YMCA Day Camp Presentation​​​​​ TBD
June 6th Grand Rapids Public Library Presentation​​​ 4 P.M.
June 14th Itasca State Park Presentation​​​​​ 7 P.M.
June 18th Bemidji Boys and Girls Club Activity​​​​ TBD
June 18th Bemidji State Park Presentation​​​​​ 7 P.M.
July 3rd Voyageur National Park Presentation ​​​​ TBD
Aug 7-9th ​ Grand Portage National Monument Rendezvous ​​ 9 P.M.
Aug. 16th Grand Marais YMCA Day Camp Presentation​​​ 1 P.M.
Aug. 16th North House Folk School Presentation​​​​ TBD
Aug. 21st Split Rock State Park Presentation​​​​ 5 P.M
Aug 23rd ​ Gooseberry Falls State Park Presentation​​​ 1 P.M.
Aug 26th Duluth YMCA Day Camp Presentation​​​​ TBD
Aug 3ost Ricky Solo Presentation ​​​​​​ 8 P.M.
Aug 31st Jay Cooke State Park Presentation​​​​ 8 P.M.
Sep 1st Final Day Presentation/ Potluck at Jay Cooke​​​ 2 P.M.

*Note- Presentation times marked TBD have not been set due to tentative nature. Presentations are arranged, but times not displayed until set depending on schedule. Also, after expedition from Sept. to June 2015, will be spent planning the program for the children we choose to put in it. Summer 2015, we will run the program.

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