Campfires have been used for over ten thousand years as a gathering place for stories.. This tradition still holds true today, and every year countless people engage in activities around the fire that harbor life long memories that will continue on for generations to come. During the course of our expedition we will be using campfires to set the stage for the many activities we will be engaged in. Whether cooking, playing games, teaching, putting on skits, telling stories, or roasting marshmallows the fire will be our gathering place.

Around the world fire has symbolized many things:

-in ancient Greece, a bridge between man and the gods, as it was the only element that man could create.

-Has been known by many cultures to symbolize wisdom and knowledge.

-In some religions it represents divinity, as well as punishment.

-Is a sign of fertility, birth and regrowth.


Facts about Campfires:

- They can reach temperatures upwards of 1.000 degrees.

- The color of flames are created by the heating of different elements. When heated they create energy that produce wavelengths, and the element being heated will determine the color.

- There are eternal flames around the world that have been burning for thousands of years.

- Around 30 percent of human started forest fires are started by poorly maintained campfires.

- Some scientists believe that  early humans, back to homo-erectus, used fire to cook a million years ago, based on findings in Wonderwerk Cave located in South Africa.



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